3 Marketing Tools Seasonal Business Can Focus On Now

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Spring is near! Just as the seasons change, so do the needs of your business. It’s time to shift gears and prepare your business for growth. What you do now can help your business be seen by more people and get you more customers. So as your checking your equipment, setting up current customer schedules, and going through inventory – don’t forget about your marketing!

Necessary vs Non-Necessary Services or Products

The tools mentioned below are great for seasonal businesses that are local. Some tools like Google My Business are highly local and some businesses like Facebook not so much. The tools you can use below work great for both necessary products and services and non-necessary products and services. However, the approach to the use of these tools differ.

Necessary businesses are those that people know they need and generally have to buy – such as landscaping, painters, marine services, etc.

Non-necessary businesses aren’t essential to buyers – meaning they don’t really need your product or service but it would be a fun experience. Products and services such as boat rentals, stand-up paddleboard rentals…etc.

More on how your approach to marketing should differ based on your type of business in a later post.

Your website is your best salesperson

Your business should have a website – no questions. A Facebook business page doesn’t cut it. I run into many small businesses that focus ONLY on a Facebook page. You should have a Facebook business page, it’s a great outlet, but it isn’t a substitute for your own website that is much better for local businesses to be found by potential customers.

97% of people learn of a local business online tinkerlytics.com

You should make it SUPER easy for them to get to know you.

Facebook pages cannot show your brand and your services as quickly, efficiently, and easy as your website can. Facebook can also take your page down – instantly.

A website can share who you are, what you do, and how your business can help solve their need or problem. And your website is scanned and seen by search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing – and those search engines will show your website when people search for services you provide.

If you don’t have a website, or you have one but it need a spring refresh – Call me at 541.241.6166 or hit the button below

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free service created by Google just for local businesses. Learn more at Google My Business.

Having a Google My Business profile is a MUST DO! You can even start this before you have a website. It’s VERY POWERFUL. Google My Business also gives you and option to have a website tied to your listing. It’s not the best website, but it’s very simple and easy to setup.

I have a restaurant customer that doesn’t want a website – and that’s okay – but we’ve created a GMB profile and website as well as a Facebook page. Check out the GMB business site here – B’s Family Restaurant Google My Business Site. They have a massive amount of reviews and constantly get traffic from their GMB profile. Tons of calls and visits.

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Setting up your profile is a good first start. But if you want it to work hard for your business get it professionally optimized and constantly post.

Google My Business Services

You can go and setup your GMB profile today – AND I HIGHTLY RECOMMEND YOU DO. But if you want this taken care of by a professional call and lets get you set up – 541.241.6166

After your profile is set up you should continuously update it. Google loves to see constant updating of the profile. The more you update the better chance you have to our rank competitors. To see some examples of how Google My Business looks check out my GMB Service Page.

Google shows up on desktop, laptop, tablet, and most important mobile. Your business has a chance to be seen on a search page like this – Tinkerlytics Google Search (will change if on desktop or mobile). Or on maps like this – Tinkerlytics Google Maps Search

Making sure your info is correct, you post images of your business, projects, employees, post frequent updates, and get and respond to reviews is imperative.

Get your listing started, optimized and managed today. Call me at 541.241.6166 or hit the button below and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook business pages are a good way to get noticed when users aren’t really looking. When someone is scrolling Facebook they aren’t looking for product and services – they are just scrolling. So it’s important that your Facebook page showcases your work, and what you do so you can hopefully get what is called – mindshare. Having mindshare happens when a personal eventually needs or wants what you offer, hopefully, they will remember and search for your business.

So when someone is is need – they search for the service, usually on a search engine or their phone. This is where your website and GMB profile kicks in. But, when someone might ‘consider’ a product or service – hopefully they remember yours by your social posts or Facebook page.

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Get Your Seasonal Business Growing

While there are many, many ways to help grow your business. I specialize in the digital realm of marketing. I’m a digital marketer at heart and I’m not partial to one or the other channels for marketing. I love to backup what works and what doesn’t with data. Working with many small businesses I’ve seen these channels work very well and pay the business back for years.

If you need help with your business reach out. I do consultation as well as the ability to work in several areas of digital marketing. More about me – About Jeff @ Tinkerlytics.