Marketing Analytics

understand your marketing efforts to grow your business

Use Marketing Analytics to Measure, and Make Better Business Decisions

Marketing analytics isn’t just for small, medium, and large enterprise companies. It’s a powerful tool and strategy for any business. There are a number of free, and powerful tools available to any online business. These tools can help you understand your marketing efforts, and will improve them when used correctly.

97% of people learn of a local business online

Your website is your best salesperson

Your website is your best salesperson. You definitely want to know how well it’s selling.

Website Analytics can measure where your traffic is coming from – or what marketing channels are bringing in the most or least traffic – and can report on how well that traffic converts to a call, lead, or a sale.

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content audit

A content audit is one of the most underutilized processes that brings BIG gains. I frequently see a 40%+ web traffic increase for first-time content audits. 

Content audits are time-consuming, confusing, expensive. They take special skills to know what data to use and how to interpret it.  

However, a content audit shines the brightest light on what you should do more of and what you should discontinue.

The value an audit delivers continues to pay for years. 

One of the best investments you can make!

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Dashboards – track metrics and KPIs

If you’re not a data person or if learning a new complex reporting tools scares you, an easily accessible dashboard is for you. 

Dashboards can help you track all sorts of business objectives. 

Want to know what your most popular pages are?

How well that Facebook campaign is working?

How much traffic has been generated on that new site design? 

You can have a dashboard that hosts all your important KPIs. 

Use tinkerlytics to install and implement important code capturing analytical data.

installs and implementation

Search Console
Tag Manager

If you’re not sure where to start, how to do it, or just simply aren’t great with the ‘techy’ stuff – let me do it for you. 

I see too many businesses forgo getting analytics set up. There is tons of value in making sure your analytics are set up and set up correctly. 

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