A photo I took on Mt. Hood in Oregon – 2016

Bend Oregon SEO Consultant and Digital Marketing Specialist at Tinkerlytics.
Jeff at Tinkerlytics

I spend most of my time in Bend, Oregon. But I grew up in Michigan and have family in and near Traverse City, MI. And I LOVE both places. I also need to get my FAM time in so a few times a year I’ll go to Michigan for a bit.

I can and often meet with business owners face to face, less now with Covid – but it can still happen. If you want to meet up or just contact me use the contact page or just call – 541.241.6166.

helping you make better decisions

Hello – I’m Jeff, a digital marketer that wants to help you grow your business.

I run Tinkerlytics – a boutique online marketing company that can provide you with the tools and/or knowledge to make better decisions to market your business – digitally.

We do this by understanding your business, your goals, and finding a framework that can meet those demands.

A Focus on Sales and Revenue

One item I bring to the table over many other digital marketers – I’m sales-driven. I try to relate my efforts to your main goal – your business success.

Online marketing should have a relationship to sales and revenue. I’ve built a few businesses and I’ve been in digital marketing for over a decade. I’ve seen far too often that marketing efforts are either a ‘throw cash at the wall and see what sticks‘ or ‘this makes me feel good‘ types of marketing.

Some marketing is hard to directly attribute to sales but with experience, we can find what works.

Helping Your Business Grow

I like to test everything but there are a few core marketing efforts that I know will make a ton of difference.

Copywriting – Your messaging is VERY important. Let’s make sure it’s communicating to your customers the right way.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization – Making sure your website and other online profiles are sending the right messages to search engines. So they show your business to potential customers.

Marketing Analytics Track and test almost everything. You won’t know what’s working unless you set up for success.

This is a simplistic list. There are several other tools and strategies. Every business is different – so let’s find out what work for you?