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Content Audit Form

This is exciting! Let’s get to work

A view from home – Mt. Washington, 3-Finger Jack, and Mt. Jefferson near Bend, Oregon – 2020

A great first step! A complex content audit to help you wrangle in your content efforts.

The reason for a contact form instead of direct buy button.

You won’t pay until we can verify we can do the work!

We find that many web analytics are installed incorrectly and without good data we cannot perform this audit. A great deal of data has to be processed so we can determine how well your content is performing.

If you’re not sure if your analytics is installed correctly – just fill out the form – I’ll do a quick check.

We’ll make sure you have Google Analytics installed and collecting good data and that Google Search Console has been authorized and collecting important data.

After this, we’ll contact you to get some more info on your goals and answer any questions and shoot over an invoice. After payment we’ll get to work.

Turn around time is 2-5 business days. We’ll send you a report and be available for anyone that needs help with it. Then we’ll follow up when you have time.

Thanks a ton! -Jeff

Content audit form